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E-smog converter, pulsating magnetic field and frequency code transmitter in one necklace pendant

Your body and well-being are being continuously threatened by something you don’t even see.
That threat is based on electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).

E-smog is the by-product of the most modern technologies. Smartphones, Bluetooth, wi-fi, cell towers, kitchen appliances, lamps, etc. emit radiation, so-called non-thermal e-smog, which can disrupt important processes in our body.

No matter where you go… You are surrounded by e-smog.
Do you know how much radiation penetrates your body compared to 10 years ago?


*Olle Johanson, PhD
Professor, Head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit,
Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Support in Every Life Situation

The is designed for people who want to feel good both at home and on the go.

This wearable technology mimics the feeling of a soothing forest atmosphere helping you to center your life energy, protects (converting) you from non-thermal e-smog around the clock, and provides you with earth-like frequency codes (e.g. Schuhmann frequency 7,6 – 8,2 Hz).

This is how your well-being can benefit from the

  • Converting of non-thermal e-smog
  • Improvement of sleep
  • Natural earth frequency codes (8Hz), for skin & metabolism
  • Increased cognition
  • Adaptability of the heart*
  • Unblocking chakras**
  • More life energy
  • Strengthening of bioresilience (resistance)
  • Mental relaxation

These are only a few of the numerous benefits reported by users.
Renowned scientists have studied the effects of the on our well-being and are impressed.

*Aquaquinta e.U. (2021): Heart Rate Variability – Study with “Bubble” from CENTROPIX Global AG
**GDV International Dornbierer (2019): Project BUBBLE GDV test on test subjects
***Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen (2022): Hado-Life – Waterlaboratory

Disclaimer: CENTROPIX does not provide any medical advice nor services. The products are not for the purpose of detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, or alleviating any disease. If you have health problems or questions about your health, always consult your doctor.

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Special medical plastic, which is extremely skin-friendly provides you with maximum comfort. Thanks to the high quality rechargeable battery, you can wear the without recharging for up to two weeks. Whether you’re traveling, out on the town, or in the office, the promises a user experience of the highest level.


Dr. Alfred Gruber

For over 30 years, Dr. Alfred Gruber has been researching the neutralization of e-smog. Through the integration and connection with different universities in Europe and overseas, networks with many scientists and experts of different disciplines have been established.

With the expert committees, the scientific adivsory board and the many thousands of customers/users, research is constantly being carried out, further developed, and optimized. Dr. Alfred Gruber developed both the and the , which impress with their practicable applications.

Support in any living space

3 in 1:

A PEMF device, e-smog converter & active frequency generator in a single device

The not only converts non-thermal e-smog, but also provides you with natural frequency codes for skin and metabolism. By means of a small pulsating electromagnetic field (7.6 Hz – 8.2 Hz) similar to nature, the can provide you with life energy and take your well-being to a completely new level. This way, your body is better able to cope with external stressors.

The contains precise and very elaborate technology. The is programmed (exposure) and charged by impulses from a specially developed bio-resonance radiation technology. The science and technology of the are backed by scientific studies and experts!


What Our Customers Say

Disclaimer: The testimonials of our customers reflect the real experiences of people who have used our products. We would like to point out that the testimonials do not contain any statements by CENTROPIX, but exclusively the personal opinion of our customers; in particular, they do not represent any promises or guarantees by CENTROPIX. The results achieved with CENTROPIX products may vary, so you should not assume that the individual experiences described in the Testimonials are typical or representative of the experiences of all other consumers. The testimonials’ statements should not be construed as claims that the CENTROPIX products mentioned can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, alleviate or prevent disease. On the contrary, CENTROPIX’s products are not medical devices, nor are any other medical services provided through them.

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George Gasich

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of CENTROPIX LLC

George has been a direct selling titan for 30 years and helped revolutionize the network marketing industry.

After graduating from Indiana University, George discovered direct sales and quickly made a career as a senior sales rep at Fund America, Quorum, Quantum Leap, Melaleuca, Immune-26, Enagic.

Youcef Benloucif

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of CENTROPIX LLC

With three decades of experience as an elite salesperson, holistic health professional, and global entrepreneur, Youcef’s successes have influenced and empowered hundreds of thousands of lives. He founded Holistic Solutions Technologies and co-founded the Tobias Healing Institute, a functioning orthomolecular medical practice. He also achieved the highest rank in terms of sales, group sales, and earned a position as a certified academy director and advisor to one of the largest PEMF companies on the planet. Youcef works tirelessly to promote the “natural healing of the body.”

Nik Gleim

Co-Founder & CEO of CENTROPIX Global AG

Nik Gleim is an expert in the field of P.E.M.F. technology with over twenty-five years of experience. He started his professional career in Munich in 1996, selling computer hardware and software and carrying out network installations.

In 1999, Gleim founded his first production round of P.E.M.F. products. More than 25 years down the road he became an Expert in creating new products from scratch and bringing them successfully into the worldwide market. “Playing the piano on each key” is what makes his profession complete.

Chris Klinsky

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at CENTROPIX Global AG

Chris Klinsky is responsible for building and training a global network of CENTROPIX sales partners. He’s an experienced sales manager with over 20 years of professional experience in managing, leading, and training global teams of up to 11’000 salespeople. He started his career as a sales manager in various real estate, insurance, and finance companies before gaining a foothold in the wellness and health industry. Chris was also the managing co-owner of a large investment consulting firm for nine years and the managing partner of a coaching and training company for sales for over six years and knows exactly what it takes to build an international, strong sales team.