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Your body and well-being are being continuously threatened by something you don’t even see. That threat is based on electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).

E-smog is the by-product of the most modern technologies. Smartphones, Bluetooth, wi-fi, cell towers, kitchen appliances, lamps, smart homes, smart meters and more can emit radiation (non-thermal e-smog), which can disrupt important processes in our body.

Scientists have known the damaging effects for decades.

This increase in electrosmog sources combined with magnetic field deficiency syndrome (MFDS) can lead to many undesirable effects that can impact your well-being. The effects can be headaches, a dysfunctional immune system, decreased melatonin, memory loss, eye problems, fatigue and sleep disturbances, pressure or tingling in the head, etc.*

*Science Direct, Toxicology Letters, Volume 323, 1 May 2020

Active information code generator and e-smog converter for every living space

Thanks to the unique technology, the COCOON vitalise non-thermal e-smog to a bio-compatible information code. At the same time, it emits frequencies , which are similar to the primal energy of the earth and are already known to the body.

The natural frequencies of the earth can strengthen your body in such a way that it can better preserve itself and thus better react in advance to external stressors such as non-thermal e-smog. Turn every place into a harmonious and relaxing retreat where you can recharge life energy and power.

Disclaimer: CENTROPIX does not provide any medical service. The products are not for the purpose of detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, or alleviating any disease. If you have health problems or questions about your health, always consult your doctor.

The  In Your Everyday Life

Converter Cards

Converter Cards, create your own oasis of well-being.

By using the Converter Cards with the , they transmit different information codes  into the effective circle, which is priceless for your well-being. The has space for up to six different Converter Cards, allowing you to create an oasis of well-being tailored to your needs.


With this Converter Card, it is possible to convert negative information (non-thermal e-smog) from mobile telecommunications systems, LED and infrared radiation, and from other electronic devices.

This is how your well-being can benefit from using the

  • Vitalise of non-thermal e-smog
  • Improved reaction time*
  • Stress reduction
  • Optimized sleep quality
  • Mental relaxation can be increased*
  • More quality of life & vitality
  • Natural information codes like the Schuhmann Frequency , sport & fitness, concentration, relaxation and regeneration sleep, information codes for animals, and information codes for food are provided
  • Water declustering**
  • Better bioresilience

*Günter Haffelder Institute for Communication and Brain Research Stuttgart (2017): Spectralanalytische Messung
**Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen (2022): Hado-Life – Waterlaboratory

A 82 foot diameter surrounds your home for more support and vitality

Whether at home, in the office, in the gym or in a practice – In a spherical effective circle of 82 feet in diameter, the vitalise non-thermal electrosmog.

This provides your family, guests, customers or patients with beneficial information codes  that can enhance their lives.

A selection of different information codes give you the possibility to adapt the to every life situation and every need and thus use it for the benefit of everyone.

It works that easy!

The Room Converter has three slots for the Converter Cards. Two Converter Cards can be placed on top of each other in each slot. In total, the Room Converter has a capacity of six different Converter Cards.
The is very easy to use. You connect the power supply to the and then to a power outlet. The is ready for use as soon as the green LED lamp lights up. If the red LED lamp up, remove the power plug and contact customer service. The USB-C port is intended for maintenance work or software updates. The external signal connector allows your electrician to control the green and red LED with external devices if you want to install the

Renowned scientists have studied the effects of the COCOON on non-thermal e-smog and are thrilled.

Possible applications of the

  • Home
  • Conference room
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Club
  • House
  • car house
  • Wellness hotel
  • Event hall
  • cinema
  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • fitness center
  • Physiotherapy
  • doctor’s office
  • hospital
  • sales points
  • opticians
  • Insurance
  • housing estate
  • veterinary practice
  • grocery store
  • sports facilities
  • stores
  • community center
  • farm
  • shopping center
  • training center
  • dental practice
  • factory
  • university
  • massage studio
  • cosmetics studio
  • production hall

The Card Box

To safely store the unused Converter Cards, a convenient Converter Card Box is available.
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