The Pure Life Energy

Recharge Your “Batteries” with Unique PEMA Applicators

Stress, Sleep Disorders, Lack of Exercise, Unhealthy Diet, Electrosmog, etc.

These life circumstances drain your strength and deprive your body of life energy needed for self-preservation mechanisms in the body. Once self-preservation mechanisms are weakened, the body is less able to defend itself against external environmental forces.


The usual consequences? Our joy of life decreases, and our well-being is fundamentally affected.

Self-Preservation & Life Energy

Support Your Well-Being

Developed by German engineers and processed with careful Swiss craftsmanship, the offers a first-class user experience with an effect that equals the ultimate feeling of well-being.

The sophisticated technology of the is based on PEMA (pulsating electromagnetic activation), and activates the right processes in your body at the right time, which not only supports your body with life energy but can additionally support your self-preservation mechanisms.

Molecular Activation*

This is how your well-being can benefit from the KLOUD

  • More Life Energy
  • Restore Natural Balance
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Relaxation of Mind, Body & Soul
  • Synchronization of Body Funtions
  • More Vitality
  • Improved Bioresilience
  • Mental acuity
  • Weight management
  • Water declustering
  • Anti-aging
  • Concentration

* Institute for Cell Biology Testing, Germany (2021)

Only Twice a Day for 15 Minutes!

With CENTROPIX You Have a Choice

We want to focus on your unique well-being. That’s why it was so important to develop a solution that can be adapted to different life situations and needs.


The is available in two sizes which allow different application possibilities. Relax on the Maxi and feel a general improvement in your overall physical situation. Reach for the Mini for localized areas.

Grandfather of modern PEMF with 60 years of Expertise

Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka

Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka is a physicist, neurophysiologist, and the mastermind behind the technology. In 1998, he patented a physical method that strengthens the natural self-preservation processes of humans by means of molecular processes.

Taking into account all his accumulated experience and feedback, Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka went one step further and patented his latest advancement in 2020 which features PEMA (pulsating electromagnetic activation).

CENTROPIX is proud to introduce the – the world’s first and only product line featuring Kafka’s latest patented signal configuration. This non-invasive technology focuses on individual adaptation via advanced programming.

Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka‘s latest development

will change the industry forever

This amazing world-class inventor closed an innovation gap that had existed for twenty years and developed forms of stimulation that encompass almost the entire spectrum of electromagnetic stimulation currently on the market. In addition, Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka created and patented the Superposition and the Entrainment Effect, which have proven to be extremely effective in practical applications with an impact on customer benefits.

Unique Functions

Patented Superposition

Our latest generation magnetic field applicator breaks all records with an activation potential of 23,040,000 – that’s a whopping 50 times stronger than our competitor’s products, which are only at 450,000. Characterized by a form of stimulation that covers practically all previous forms, the wave technology of the is based on a special mutual superposition of several pulsed intensity sequences, each varying in time. Compared to previous developments, the superposition offers much broader support for the self-preservation mechanisms at the molecular level. This new development realized in the closes a long-standing innovation gap.

Patented Flexible Fold Design

Thanks to an innovative development, the intensity of the signal can be almost doubled without making any changes to the device settings.


The can be easily folded over the eight coils which will almost double the intensity of the signal. This is extra effective for spot applications!

App Driven Technology

Connect multiple applicators to your smartphone (unlimited numbers) and control them conveniently via the proprietary app. Unlike most other technologies, you can benefit from five different revolutionary programs designed to meet diverse needs!


A new kind of wellness experience

Program 1


Relaxation of mind, body and soul. Put yourself in a relaxed state and unwind. Promote your well-being and find inner peace, and optimize a restful sleep.

Program 2


Restore your natural balance and get into a good flow. Balance means feeling good and thinking positively with confidence, peace, and serenity. Gain peace and quality of life.

Program 3


A boost when you want more life energy! Experience pure “KLOUD power”, and feel alive, awake, motivated, and strengthened. Activate vitality from within. Take advantage of your body’s natural power!

Program 4


The ideal introduction to the use of the KLOUD. Synchronize your body functions. Use this program in combination with relaxation habits and rituals to improve mental clarity and emotional harmony.

Program 5


Help the body help itself. Keep your vital forces turned up, and experience a positive transformation – push your boundaries!

Powerful. Flexible. Brilliant.

The KLOUD can easily be folded over the eight coils which will almost double the intensity of the signal. An innovative development.

One – countless possible applications

With excellent design and refined engineering, the KLOUD is created for those who are looking for a product that can be used in any life situation. With the unique patented, foldable design, the KLOUD can be used in the office, anywhere at home, or even when traveling. The KLOUD is for those who want to experience the highest level of comfort around the clock.

The  – Control Unit

A New Kind of Wellness Experience

On-Off switch

Start/Stop switch

Program selection switch

Bluetooth connection

Connected via Bluetooth

Ventilation slots

Magnetic connection for charging cable

Program selection display (Relax)

Custom program (selectable via app)

Battery empty

Battery charging

Device is ready for operation

Device is switched on

The design?

The design of the KLOUD is enjoyed by users, and recognized by design professionals. In 2022, the board of the German Design Award, one of the most recognized design awards worldwide, has honored the KLOUD with a “Special Mention Award”. This award highlights the contribution that excellent design can make to create practical solutions in our environment.
With the practical SCAN-X for the KLOUD, electromagnetic fields can be indicated using acoustic signals. Use it to reveal the unique Kafka signal in your KLOUD.

The new life energy

Download our brochure for more information

2 in 1: Modern pulsating electromagnetic field device for humans & animals
Share the KLOUD with your horses and let them benefit from the groundbreaking KLOUD technology. The application can provide support during tournament preparations, stressful situations, recovery periods, and much more.

Thanks to the KLOUD VET-SET, you can share the KLOUD with your horse in a hygienic way. Simply insert the KLOUD technology within the neck piece or horse blanket. Countless users are thrilled about the positive effects of KLOUD on their sport and leisure horses.

Protect what matters to you

Take care of what is good for you! This protective cover made of medical material protects the KLOUD from moisture and dirt, and proves to be very practical from a hygiene point of view, especially in practices for applications with different patients or for applications in the veterinary field.

Thanks to the KLOUD COVERs, the KLOUD remains in perfect condition despite frequent use. The KLOUD COVERs are available in both sizes (maxi and mini).

 Product Range

Design Box

Bag Maxi

Bag Mini



Magnetic USB Cable


Cleaning Glove

User Manual

Quick Start Guide

Rubber Mounting Strap

Cover Maxi

Cover Mini

Vet Neck

Vet Body


What Our Customers Say

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