What’s PEMA?


PEMA* – Pulsating Electromagnetic Activation

Powered by Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka

All forms of preservation of life, especially the application of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF), according to the physicist and physiologist Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, one of the founding fathers of this modern form of application, go back to the activation of the interactions between electrons, atoms, and molecules that underlie the naturally given preservation processes. They are aimed at supporting the “inner doctors” of organic life.

A prerequisite for successful use of electromagnetic fields is therefore a form of electromagnetic stimulation that is suitably adapted to the diversity of the interaction partners involved in the preservation regulations. In other words, they should have the broadest possible band of activation possibilities.

Exactly this was the background, which led Prof Dr. Kafka in 1998 to one of the probably biggest and long-time successful discoveries in this field: Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation.

Thanks to the scientist, Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka and his probably untiring research spirit, there is now another – on the previous results building – groundbreaking invention from the year 2020. Characterized by a form of stimulation that covers practically all previous forms, it is based on a special form of mutual superpositions of several pulsed intensity courses, each varying in time. Beyond the previous forms of stimulation and thus the breadth of activation possibilities, it for the first time also allows the flexible arrangement of special program sequences oriented towards synchronization and entrainment of rhythmic body functions.

Combined with considerably broader support of self-preservation mechanisms compared to the invention of 1998, this new development realized in the KLOUD electro-magnetic field system thus closes a 20-year innovation gap.

By means of the following preset program functions, the KLOUD PEMA system is oriented both towards an optimizing form of self-preservation, well-being, fitness, and joy of life:**


Relaxation of body, mind and soul. Put yourself in a relaxed state and unwind. Promote your well-being and find inner peace, and optimize a restful sleep.


Restore your natural balance and get into a good flow. Balance means feeling good and thinking positively with confidence, peace and serenity. Gain peace and quality of life.


A boost when you want more life energy*! Experience pure “KLOUD power”, feel alive, awake, motivated, and strengthened. Activate vitality from within. Take advantage of your bodies natural power!


The ideal introduction to the use of the KLOUD. Synchronize your body functions. Use this program in combination with relaxation habits and rituals to improve mental clarity and emotional harmony.


Help the body help itself. Keep your vital forces turned up, and experience a positive transformation – push your boundaries!!

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In 1999, Gleim founded his first production round of P.E.M.F. products. More than 25 years down the road he became an Expert in creating new products from scratch and bringing them successfully into the worldwide market. “Playing the piano on each key” is what makes his profession complete.

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