What’s Life Energy?


Energy is a basic physical quantity

Professionally explained by the physicist and physiologist Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka

The natural adaptability of organic life to constantly changing internal and external conditions is based on a complex interplay of interactions between electrons, atoms and molecules, the smallest building blocks of life. This applies both to the long-term stages during evolution and to the short-term stages during the respective individual life. The causes of these mechanisms of self-preservation, ultimately the content of the assignment to the so-called “inner physicians” responsible for this, are as yet unexplained.   In humans and animals, this interaction is also responsible for their well-being, zest for life, quality of life and fitness. However, stress, wrong diet, lack of exercise, but also other physical and chemical environmental influences can overstrain the mechanisms of self-preservation. The usual consequences include insomnia, feelings of weakness, listlessness, burnout, and malaise. Any form of compensation for such disturbances, i.e. any application, whether mental, physical, or chemical, must therefore be aimed at maintaining this interaction. Because the course of physical and/or chemical interactions basically presupposes preceding activations – just as one must first bring a sled up the mountain before a downhill run – a supply of energy is required here. One speaks of “activation energy”. In the case of physical-chemical interactions, this activation is basically based on the energetic influence of the electron structures surrounding the respective interaction partners. Adapted to the electromagnetic nature of such activations, this energy supply in the present example of KLOUD takes place via an external (non-invasive) application of electromagnetic fields which are specially pulsed with respect to time and intensity characteristics.   The vernacular often speaks of “recharging an empty battery”. However, even if this form of application takes place on the electromagnetic level, the term “recharging an empty battery” is not accurate. The forms of life energies addressed here are symbolic, e.g. via queries generated, subjective evaluations, and not a physical basic quantity clearly defined by energy units, e.g. “joules”. An external application of pulsating electromagnetic fields aimed at the compensation of disturbances thus merely aims at an increase of the readiness to react of the interaction partners involved in the regulation processes. Thus, these are trigger effects, which are supposed to lead to the initiation of different cascades of biochemical reaction chains in the manner of domino effects. These biochemical reactions along with the medicine cialis generic can relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.   Because of the diversity of the interaction partners involved in the regulatory processes, the form of stimulation should therefore have the broadest possible range of activation possibilities, as in KLOUD in particular, which has been adapted to the latest and patented development standard.   Related to the concepts such as “life energy” and human “performance”, this supply of electromagnetic energy thus does not correspond to the essence of a range extension in e-mobility by increasing the battery charge, but to the increase of the probability for the initiation of physicochemical interactions.

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